Naturally a Deal

"Specializing in natural & surplus food at incredibly low prices"

If you haven't already signed up you can do so HERE. (Choose Albemarle location)

Products: Conventional, Organic & Non-GMO foods and other items (many are close to or past the BB dates for DEEP discounts but there are products that are still "in date". Only case sizes available)

Location: Spring Lake Family Farms, 33463 Old Salisbury Rd, Albemarle, NC 28001

Delivery Frequency: Every 6 weeks. Check CALENDAR for future deadlines and deliveries.

Delivery Day: Wednesdays

Estimated Delivery Times: 10am - 3pm

Payment Method: Cash (exact change only), Check, Money Order or Cash App; Payment must be made before or at delivery

Product Availability: Like Azure Standard, some items may be out-of-stock and availability is NOT guaranteed

Holding of Orders: I would like to encourage members to try to meet the truck if possible or have someone else pick up for them. Spring Lake has been getting maxed out on their hold space and I want to avoid "double-holding" Azure and NaD orders at the same time in their walk-in cooler. I do have space at home (freezer, fridge, dry) at home if needed.

Important information to know: Once order is placed, it is not likely it can easily be changed. You may have to call NaD to have your cart changed.