Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Food Buying Club? 

A. A food buying club is, simply put, a group of people who come together to buy food in bulk to reduce costs.

Q. Do you ship products? 

A. No, members must pick up their orders at the delivery location at Spring Lake Family Farms in Albemarle, NC. However, Azure Standard does also offer home shipping services. 

Q. Where is the pick up location?  

A. The Azure Standard & Naturally a Deal pick ups are located at Spring Lake Family Farms, 33463 Old Salisbury Rd, Albemarle, NC 28001. 

Q. What kind of products are available to members? 

A. Organic, Natural, Non-GMO: Frozen, fresh, dry, bulk products are available. Herbs, essential oils, organic clothes, grains, flours, animal feed, nutritional supplements, personal products, beauty and bath, meats, spices, etc

Q. Are food stamps accepted? 

A. No.

Q. If I join, do I have to order every time? 

A. No, you order how ever often or little as you like. 

Q. Are there any fees for the group? 

A. No membership fee. Members only pay for what they purchase plus related taxes and shipping charges. 

Q. How do I qualify for Membership? 

A. You must have or have had a Placed or Shipped order with Azure Standard or Naturally a Deal via RHFBC to join the Facebook online forum. 

Q. How do I join? 

A. Azure Standard: 1. Go to Find a Drop. 2. Put in your zip code. 3. Find drop closest to you. Choose Rolling Hills Food Buying Club if it is closest to you. 

   Naturally a Deal: 1. Sign up HERE. 2. Choose Albemarle if that is closest to you. 

Q. How do I order?  

A. To order through Azure Standard, please go to the Azure Standard information page.To order through Naturally a Deal; Sign Up Here (choose Albemarle if that is closest to you)

Q. Is there a minimum I have to spend?  

A. Azure Standard: If you want to avoid a small order handling fee of $5, you want to order $50 or more. 

   Naturally a Deal: No minimum required.

Q. How do I pay? 

A. Azure Standard: check, money order, credit/debit card, pay online, call in to pay, prepay, gift card. 

   Naturally a Deal: Cash, Check, Cashapp

Q. Do I have to help in this group? 

A. Helping is not required but is very much appreciated at the Azure delivery. Members can help unload the Azure truck and sort orders if they like. 

Q. Where can I find out more about Azure Standard? 

A. Check out their FAQs.

Q. Where can I find out more about Naturally a Deal? 

A. Check out their website at Choose Albemarle if that is closest to you. 

Q. Is Rolling Hills Food Buying Club a non-profit? 

A. Not officially. RHFBC does not have offical non-profit tax status.