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Check out these local businesses owned and managed by members of our group!

Local Chicken Eggs from Jennifer Almond Hutchens
Norwood, NC

Our hens are organic pasture  raised that roam free on the farm everyday to eat fresh grass, organic feed and bugs!


Eggs are $3 a dozen. 


Please call/text 

704-244-9932 to arrange pick up.

Heartlife Designs by Shannon Thompson
Norwood, NC

Heartlife Designs

  • logos

  • business cards

  • flyers

  • brochures 

  • & more! 


Norwood, NC

Homesteading on Grace: Blog
  • Farm Life: Chickens, Goats, Guineas, Building, Gardening

  • Food & Recipes: Preserving, Sourdough

  • In the House: Baby, Kids, Sewing

Albemarle, North Carolina 28001

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Call or Text:

980-354-3786 (leave a voicemail)  


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