Country Life Natural Foods

Country Life Natural Foods

We are on Route 5A

I put in our Country Life Natural Foods orders through Concord Co-op. (I am always happy to pick up CLNF orders for anyone in the group if I am also ordering. Feel free to check with me to see if I am. If I am not, you are free to order for yourself. I order about 2x a year.)

Member Participation and Commitment:

  • You are NOT required to order every time.
  • You order as little or as often as you want to.

Order Minimums:

  • No individual minimums 
  • Group minimum to receive a shipment from Country Life Natural Foods is $450. 
  • Country Life Natural Foods orders are delivered every 8 weeks. 


  • Membership is FREE 
  • Shipping and NC taxes on ALL orders

Payment method:

  • You can pay the Concord Co-op co-op director via Pay Pal
  • You can reimburse me via cash, check or Pay Pal

Cut-offs, Delivery Days and Times:

You can look on the Calendar for Cut-off Days. My Cutoffs are on Saturdays so I can submit to the Concord Co-op Leader and our deliveries will be ready for me to pick up the following week on Wednesday or Thursday. I can then arrange a pick up time and location with you.

Contact800-456-7694   269-236-5011  [email protected]

Office Hours:   M-Th 9-5 EST    Fri & Sun 9-1   Sat   CLOSED

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