Brasington's Natural Farmstead is a new adventure for our family. Our main focus is raising ducks for eggs. We will be offering Non-GMO and Non-Certified Organic Duck eggs. Our ducks are humanely-raised on pasture and have access to swimming pools so they can express their natural duckness! They are also spoiled with supplements like sprouted sunflower seeds, dehydrated grubs, apple cider vinegar and yummy garden scraps when available. Check out more at www.BNF.Farm. **Rolling Hills Food Buying Club members get discounts for any of BNFs products**

We also hope to offer Shiitake mushrooms in the near future as we have some logs that are slowly sprouting the yummy fungi and also produce! In addition, we have plans to process our own non-certified organic meat birds (chicken, duck, quail and possibly geese) in the very near future. 

Albemarle, North Carolina 28001

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