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Thank you for choosing Rolling Hills Food Buying Club to be a part of your food and nutritional needs. Rolling Hills Food Buying Club aims to help offer access to healthful & affordable food to the community in the piedmont area of North Carolina. 

Please take time to read our Guidelines for Website Use before continuing to enroll in Rolling Hills Food Buying Club. By joining this group, you agree to abide by the Guidelines for Website Use. 

In order to qualify to join this online group, you must have had a Shipped or Placed order via Rolling Hills Food Buying Club from Azure Standard, Naturally a Deal or Concord Co-op/Country Life Natural Foods within the past 12 months. If you have not had a recent Shipped or Placed order within that time-frame, please wait until you have to join this online group. All membership requests are subject to approval. 

****We have a Public site and a Private site. Personal contact information is never shared with the public.***

What is Private-facing to the Group?

*Photos (members are free to share photos if they want but they will remain private unless you want them shared in Public-facing slide shows - YOU choose what you share. I have farm and food pictures shared in public slideshow, for example.)

*Directory - All Private-facing, never public, however Members can opt out of the already private Directory or they can opt in. I choose to opt-in as I am happy for others to connect with me if they want. This tool is available for those who are okay with others wanting to try to connect with them. wink

*Calendar Events - Can be Public or Private - the member posting event chooses

*Forums - All private, never public

*Classifieds - All private, never public

*only name, phone number and email are required to sign up (address is optional).


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